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March 2005
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Faith Lehane
posted to now_ish

Okay, this shit so didn’t just fuckin’ happen.

Not to me.

“You don’t know who you’re fuckin’ dealin’ with here! One of you assholes better get back here right now. That’s a fuckin’ order.”

I was gettin’ wicked pissed now. Nobody just leaves me like this. Not when my itch ain’t even started to get scratched.

“Do you fuckin’ hear me?”

I was on the verge of a tantrum here. I was the fuckin’ boss! Then why the hell wasn’t nobody listenin’?

One hand on my hip, runnin’ the other one through my hair, I realized me standin’ here wasn’t gettin’ shit done.

“Man, somebody’s gonna pay for this one. Those fuckin’ zombies was just the start of what I’m ‘bout to do.”

I pulled my jeans up over my hips, zippin’ ‘em up and bucklin’ my belt. Grabbin’ my shirt, I tugged it over my head. I didn’t need to bother with shoes, I could tell they didn’t get far.

Well, at least Spike didn’t. I could pick up his scent.

Right outside the door.

He’d been fuckin’ standin’ there this whole time, hearin’ every word I was sayin’ and probably laughin’ at me.

Nobody laughs at me.

Jerkin’ the door open, I went tearin’ out of that room even more pissed now. He was gonna fuckin’ learn some respect.

They all were.

Lesson One: When your boss is fuckin’ horny, don’ t just leave her hangin’ high and dr...well, not so much dry I guess. But you get the fuckin’ picture.

I clenched my jaw as I seen him, rushin’ up to him and slammin’ him into the wall. Got that Slayer aspect goin’ for me. Too bad he don’t.

“Got a little lesson for ya Spikey.” I held him up against the wall by the collar of his shirt and punched him hard in the stomach. “Next time I fuckin’ yell for you, you better learn to answer. Got it?”

((Open to Spike))

Faith Lehane

Straddling the back of Faith's motorcycle Angelica leaned back lighting up yet another cigarette waiting for the slayer. This unexpected visit, was part of Ang's charm. Angelica looked almost like a gothic queen up there propped up on the seat with a smirk, knowing Faith would want to knock her ass off there at first glance, even though it was she who had given the slayer the bike.

Faith admired the crossbow she'd just removed from the weapons cabinet with a grin, shoving it into the black duffel that sat at her feet. Zipping it up, she closed the cabinet and lifted the bag, slinging it over her shoulder as she made her way up the stairs. Exiting the basement, she crossed the kitchen and opened the back door, stepping out into the night air. Glancing over at her bike as she made her way down the stairs, she lifted her eyebrow, shaking her head with a slight laugh. "You better have a damn good reason to be plantin' your ass on my bike like that." Faith smirked, stepping up to the bike and setting the duffel at her feet.

We Got More In Common Than I ThoughtCollapse )

Ang just looked up at Faith, "There is no help for the damned."

Toasting her glass toward Angelica, Faith smirked, but gave her a knowing look. A look of understanding. "I'll definitely drink to that.”

Faith Lehane

Faith turned the engine off to her bike, unhooking her helmet and taking it over her head before sliding off the bike and putting it on the seat where she'd just sat. Running a hand through her hair, she shook her slightly curly hair from it's semi-flattened state. "Fuckin' helmet. Don't even know why I gotta wear the thing." She muttered to herself, rolling her eyes and starting towards the door of her house.

"Because we prefer you alive," Willow answered Faith's question from Giles' stoop. "Or at least most of us do." Unable to help herself Willow grinned. "So, this is the part where I get to say 'long time no see' right?"

Makin' Up For Lost TimeCollapse )

"Right," Willow nodded, her voice warm with laughter. "Time to get back to that spell, and the Shop, and oh yes my roommate upstairs. But don't be a stranger," Willow said with plain honesty. "Or even a non-stranger who disappears for way long stretches of time. In other words," Willow paused to do just that. Look for the words. "Don't disappear on me." In all the ways that you can. Willow smiled, big and bright. "Got it?"

"Yeah, I got it." Faith replied sarcastically, rolling her eyes. "I won't make with the vanishin' act on ya." She smirked, thinking for a minute before continuing. "Unless I feel like I really gotta take off. Then, I can't make no promises. Never really had nobody I had to answer to, Red. And even when I did, I never bothered. So, some habits? Kinda hard to break." She answered honestly. "But, I'll do my best." Giving the wiccan a genuine smile, she looked down then back up before she turned to leave. "And good luck on that spell, even though I know you won't need it." And with that, she turned and walked back in the direction they'd just came.

Faith Lehane

As the server cleared away the last of the plates, Wesley leaned back slightly in his chair and sipped at his glass of wine. The dinner had gone pleasantly enough, though he did wonder if Faith had noticed the great number of "knowing" glances the staff had thrown their way, assuming them to be a couple. "Well, we made it through dinner without arguing or you beating me half to death, so I think I'd count this as successful."

Faith nodded with a slight smile, leaning back as well, rubbing her slightly sweaty hands up and down her thighs. She looked around the room nervously, her gaze never really settling on anything, but taking everything in all the same. This type of expensive restaurant was something she wasn't accustomed to and it made her feel a bit uncomfortable. Reaching towards the table, she picked up her wine glass and finished it a bit quickly, before pouring another glass and again leaning back in her chair with a slight, inaudible sigh. Looking at Wes, she appeared to relax as a smirk crossed her face. "Night ain't over yet Wes. There's still hope for arguing and hey, maybe even a nice beat down to top things off. Depends on what you’re into."

Dishin' Over DinnerCollapse )

Wesley raised an eyebrow, now out of curiosity. "A vampire? Leaving you gifts? Really, Faith... " His voice trailed off, though the thought of a joking 'no wife of mine' comment did cross his mind, then was thrown well away. Reaching out his hand, Wesley took the rosary beads and examined them. "Hmm... not too out of the ordinary, but certainly if they were given you by a vampire, there's cause for concern. Not a cheap set..." He held the crucifix up to the candlelight, examining it, then turning it over. "Interesting. This rosary was produced and blessed at the Vatican itself, judging by this seal. I don't recognize the other symbols, though." He blinked at her. "Why would this vampire want you to have this?"

Shrugging, Faith turned her attention from the rosary back to Wesley with a smirk. "Yeah, a vampire. Leavin’ me gifts. Guess you ain’t the only one appreciatin’ the goods. I mean, damn come on, look at me. Hell, I'd be givin' me gifts too." She winked, laughing before taking another drink of the wine and finishing off her glass. "She probably wanted to clue me in on somethin’. Ain’t sure what though. Being why I’m givin’ it to you."

Faith Lehane

Despite all the confusion regarding Illyria and Faith, Wesley had found that his conversation with Willow to have helped his spirits immensely. Almost forgetting about Valentine's Day, he rushed to the florist's during his lunch hour to get something for his mother. After haggling a bit over the exorbitant prices, he settled on a large bouquet of spring flowers. Glancing once at the ubiquitous red roses and their exceptional price, he shook his head. He was trying to befriend Faith again, not embarass her. So, it was with the carnations and lilies that he exited the shop, nearly colliding with the person on the other side of the door.

Faith walked along the street, not really sure where she was going or why she was out. She just needed to walk. To clear her head. She'd spoken with Dawn, but outside of that, she'd been pretty reclusive and avoidy towards everyone else. Especially Wesley. Still being upset with him over their rushed wedding that she didn't agree with, her encounter with Illyria had only left her more angry and confused. Taking the last drag from her cigarette, she flipped it out into the street as she came across a flower shop. She stopped, studying the flowers in the window. Realizing it was Valentine's Day, she rolled her eyes and frowned. She and Dora weren't exactly what you'd call a couple any longer. In fact, they hadn't spoken at all since Faith had returned from the States. As she looked at the roses and carnations that adorned the window display, Faith smiled to herself, her thoughts drifting to Willow. Taking a deep breath, she entertained the thought of maybe getting a small bouquet of flowers for the other girl. Not just for the bond they'd developed but as sort of a thank you for being there and maybe as an attempt of an apology when she found out about the marriage situation. Might make the news a little easier to swallow. Yeah, right. Wonder if I buy myself some flowers it'd make it easier for me? Shrugging and deciding it couldn't hurt anything, she reached for the door just as it abruptly opened and the person exiting nearly ran her over. "Watch it! I mean, uh, sorry...I didn't...." She looked up, her eyes meeting the other person's. Her mouth curled into almost a sneer as she clenched her jaw. "Wes...." Her tone was cold and distant as she stepped back from the door.

Smoothin' Things Over, Dinner Plans and Makin' with the StealthyCollapse )

Wesley wasn't sure how to handle the idea that students at the Academy might be infatuated with him, and at least for the moment, he decided to think on it later. He laughed along with Faith, though, and he was glad they were able to once more. "Well," he began, feigning uncertainty. "We have known each other for years... we are quite a good team, when we cooperate... " We apparently make for quite remarkable sex, Wesley added silently. "I think you and I at the very least should be friends." He paused, having an idea that spilled out of his mouth before thinking. "In fact-- and there's nothing untoward meant by this offer, I assure you-- I think I'd very much like to have dinner with my friend tonight. Not a date, of course, just... something... friendly."

Faith tilted her head, appearing to contemplate as she kept her eyes locked with his. She knew he hadn't meant for that to come out, but the truth was, the idea didn't repulse her. Instead, she grinned, nodding her head and adding a shrug. "Sure why not. Figure I'll let you buy me dinner since we are married and all." She lifted her fingers to her chin, twisting her mouth slightly as she pretended to think. "And hey, it is Valentine's Day, maybe I oughta hold out for some expensive gift or somethin' too?" She smirked with a wink. "Dinner's cool Wes, I gotta do a couple of things, then I'm all yours. Well, in the eatin' dinner sense anyway. Don't be gettin' any other ideas.” Maybe I oughta be tellin’ myself the same thing. Gotta stay away from the alcohol tonight. That’s for damn sure. She teased, laughing again as he nodded in agreement and turned to walk away. Turning to walk in the other direction, Faith looked towards the door of the flower shop. With a sigh, she stepped inside and made a small purchase.

Carrying the small vase of flowers, she approached the magick shop carefully, not wanting to be seen. Setting the flowers with no card outside the door, she grinned to herself and shoved her hands in her pockets before turning and walking back in the direction she’d came.

Faith Lehane
Posted to now_ish

((Continued from HERE))

I stood there with my arms crossed over my chest, eyebrow raised and my head tilted to the side, impatiently waitin’ for an answer. I knew what they’d been up to. I could fuckin’ smell how turned on they was in the air. All over both of ‘em. Mixed together. But I wanted to make ‘em say it.

‘Cause I could.

I had that power. And damn it felt good.

"I’m waitin’ here. Think I can get an answer sometime today?"

"Okay, okay... So there's been a little, uh, extracurricular activity going on. Didn't figure that either of us would grudge the other a little action, but--"

I curled my lips into a smirk. Didn’t figure Angelus for tellin’ the truth. But damn, gotta give the boy some credit there. I looked over at Lilah. She was scared. I could fuckin’ smell the fear.

Man I love that smell. Fear.

I got off on it. On knowin’ that just bein’ me scared the fuck outta her.

Out of pretty much everybody.

"Why does this place smell like there's been a zombie convention?"

Turnin’ my attention back to Angelus, I grinned proudly. I was diggin’ this power gig. Made me feel all superior or some shit. I thought about the little stunt I’d just pulled. My boys was probably havin’ a vamp feast right now.

"Angelus, I think your 'best girl' is about to 'clue us in' on that part."

Talk about statin’ the obvious. I rolled my eyes, shootin’ her a death look. She needed to back the fuck off and stop messin’ with the dynamic me and Angelus had goin’ on here.

"Yeah, I was gettin’ to that. Don’t need you fuckin’ runnin’ your mouth. Got it?" I shook my head, lookin’ back at him. "Anyway, me and the First? We had us a nice little chat. Seems everybody keeps forgettin’ who’s got the most power around here. In case you need remindin’, that’d be me."

I shot Lilah another look.

"Bein’ that I’m the one with all the power, it only made sense I be the one in charge. So now?" I grinned wickedly. "I am. In charge that is. As in, your boss. As in, you answer to me."

I tucked my hands in my back pockets, circlin’ around them and lettin’ it all sink in.

"Might wanna get used to it. Or...." I shrugged, the smirk never leavin’ my face. "You can be punchin’ bags for my zombies. Wait, maybe you’d be food..." I shrugged again, lookin’ a bit confused. "Really ain’t clear on what they do yet. Still tryin’ to figure that one out. Spike and Dru are findin' out though."

I laughed. This was too fuckin’ good.

"So....." I walked over to Angelus, runnin’ my hands over his chest and lickin’ my lips with a wink. "What’s it gonna be baby? You with me? Or you and the tramp with heels back there wanna go a few rounds with my boys?"

((Open to Angelus and Lilah))

Faith Lehane
posted to rippers_game

Faith walked casually up the sidewalk, having to park her bike a fair distance from her destination. The magick shop. She hadn't been to visit Willow since she had returned from the States and figured that now was as good a time as any. Tossing her finished cigarette off to the side, she exhaled the smoke, shoving one hand into her pocket. She was slightly nervous about this visit, but wasn't sure why. Maybe due to the fact of the feelings that she'd started developing for the witch and things that had went down with them before she left? Maybe due to the fact that she'd come back married to Wesley? Taking a deep breath, she looked ahead, the shop finally in sight as she grew closer.

Illyria walked briskly, uncertain where she was headed since she had never truly 'sensed' the energy that surrounded Faith. It would make finding her troublesome... yet she knew she must. Nothing was clear anymore. Wesley had seen to that, confused her already troubled mind and brought forth her newly human emotions to the surface of her skin until she had admitted far more than she had wished to do. Yet, Fred's bright eyes followed the movements of the humans around her as she looked... and discovered. Pausing in her stride, Illyria knew this was not the place to kill Faith... too many mortals would see. Instead, she smiled and waved at the Slayer. "Faith? That you? Oh my God! I can't hardly believe it!"

Fred or Foe?Collapse )

"So you're fightin' on our side." Faith looked confused, tilting her head to the side as she watched the other. "If that's the case, then why you tryin' to take me out? Kinda defeats the whole purpose of bein' on the same team and all." The Slayer simply shrugged, keeping her defenses up in case of another lunge or attack. "And that marriage thing? More like a joining of two souls tryin' not to get murdered or kidnapped by the Sopranos we had huntin' us down." Still confused and curious, she let the look of anger slide from her face, replacing it with one of slight amusement. "Why you trippin' anyway? You got some kinda thing for Mr. Rugged or somethin'?"

"'Trippin', bouncy'... your words make no sense," Illyria replied, her plans for attack gone as she continued to listen to the Slayer. Nothing was making sense... a marriage, as far as she knew, was something that humans did when their emotions were great in terms of love -- why would someone... "Why did Wesley not speak of this to me?" she mused aloud. He had already shown anger at her for her questions regarding his intercourse with Faith; did he wish not to anger her further? Was he lying? "No..." Illyria stared at the ground, trying to piece together the knowledge she'd gathered so quickly and could not fathom why. Why. Yet, Wesley had mentioned that the Slayer was important not only to the battle against Cain, but also to the witch. Fred's features slid back into place as she decided that Wesley's... wife should speak to him first. "Wesley means nothing to me," she lied as she walked slowly out of the alleyway, unsure of her next destination... only certain that she would not be returning to the store anytime soon. Was she more human now that she knew how to lie?

Faith Lehane
Gettin' Bored and Movin' On (posted to now_ish

I got real bored watchin’ the zombies kick the shit outta Spike and Dru. It was fun for awhile, but once you’ve watched the damage for awhile and ain’t part of it, it kinda gets old. Besides I had some other business I wanted to take care of.

I stood there, watchin’ the undead fight the undead for a couple more minutes before I decided to take off. I stepped forward, yellin’ over the punches, breakin’ bones and snappin’ necks.

“As much fun as it is watchin’ my boys kick your ass, I’m thinkin’ it’s time for me to take off. Got more pressin’ issues to take care of. So, try to have fun and play nice.”

Laughin’ sarcastically, I pulled out a smoke and turned on heel to leave. Spike and Dru was all taken care of. Darla was another issue. One I’d definitely deal with later.

Right now I had somethin’, no someone else to deal with.


Where the fuck was he? Figured my little stunt woulda brought him runnin’. Sounds of chaos, smell of blood, somethin’. But still no Angelus. Damn. Guess I was gonna have to go lookin’ for him myself.

I lit my cigarette and made my way back down the hall.

“Come out, come out wherever you are….”

Mumblin’ mostly to myself as I trailed my hand along the wall, feelin’ quite proud of my little zombie attack on the little so called family. Hope Angelus was pleased. No, wait. He would be. If not, he’d best learn to be.

I was the boss now.

Damn, maybe even Angelus would have to wait. I was wicked hungry. That little geek definitely didn’t hit the spot. Maybe I need to head out and do a little hunting first. Yeah. I’d find him later.

First things first.

Think I had a cravin’ for somethin’ in brunette. Tight little body. Yeah, that’d do.

Hell, maybe even two. I was in the mood for some action.

Then torture. Then comes the killin’.

Faith Lehane
posted to rippers_game

Faith pushed the door open, stepping inside the library. She'd been back for a few days but had made herself pretty scarce around the house. Mostly because she didn't want to deal with anyone, she just wanted to be alone. She'd not even spoken to Giles since she'd returned from the States, figuring Wesley had filled him in on the details. As she strolled up to the counter, running her hand along the cool wooden surface absently, she silently hoped that if he had spilled the details it hadn't included everything. Stopping in the center of the counter, she smirked, her eyes falling upon the tiny bell sitting there. Unable to resist temptation, she reached forward and pushed it in, the loud ding resounding through the quiet room. No response. Another smirk as she continued to push the bell, trying to illicit a response.

Rupert hurriedly exited the uppermost stacks upon hearing the bell, beliving it be yet another impatient student. "Bloody hell, I hear you," he called out rather loudly. He stopped short of the top step to see Faith standing at the counter. He smiled and promptly lost his footing, stumbling down the stairs.

Looks Like Everybody's Walkin' Down The AisleCollapse )

"I'll cancel the china pattern as a wedding gift then," Rupert winked, hoping Faith would catch the joke. "And my lips are sealed."

"Yeah, whatever. Maybe you oughta keep 'em for yourself Mister Engaged." She started walking towards the door. Turning back she smiled. "Catch ya later G-man." Pushing the door open, she stepped out and headed towards her bike parked out front.

Faith Lehane
Takin' the Reins (for now_ish)

So Wilkins vanished and left me to my new playmates. Zombies. And lots of ‘em. I rubbed my hands together, grinnin’ wickedly as I looked over my new army. All standin’ there waitin’ for orders.

This was gonna be wicked fun.

It was almost like that video game I used to play when I was bored. And alive. Resident Evil. Hmm. Kinda like me now. The new ‘resident evil’. Damn I was diggin’ the sound of that. Or was it the feel of that? Either way, it was way cool. ‘Bout time I started gettin’ some respect. Even if it was from a bunch of brain eatin’ zombies.

It was my ticket to showin’ the Fang Gang who the real boss was.

I laughed just thinkin’ about it. Maybe I’d just send my army after Captain Peroxide and the Groupies instead of Angelus. All this power was makin’ me wicked horny. Might as well have myself a little fun, get my itch scratched while my boys here took care of the rest.

“Okay listen up.”

I tucked my hands in my back pockets, rockin’ back on my heels as they all snapped to attention. Man, this was too fuckin’ cool.

“Got a little mission for you boys. I’m sure you all know Spike.”

A wicked grin crossed my face and I clasped my hands in front of me. They nodded, so I’m guessin’ they got what I was talkin’ about. Funny that they showed ‘em as pretty dumb in all those movies. They ain’t dumb at all. Talk about gettin’ a bad rap. Maybe I got more in common with these guys than I thought. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Oh well. Not really givin’ a shit about that right now. Back to my plans.

“I think it’s time we showed ‘em who’s boss around here. I’m itchin’ for some fun. Can’t be all with the business like all the time now can we?”

I laughed. Okay, so Zombies? Not big with the talkin’ skills. But hey, ain’t like I’m gonna take ‘em out for drinks after this or nothin’. As long as they make with the ass kickin’ everything’s cool.

“So, here’s the sitch. You boys are gonna deal a little damage to ol’ Spikey, Dru and Miss-I’ve-Died-And-Came-Back-More-Times-Than-Buffy-Summers Darla. Take it easy on Dru though. She might be crazy for hangin’ around Captain Peroxide, but she ain’t pissed me off. Yet. Until she does, I’ll cut her a break. Not much, but you get what I’m sayin’.”

Crossin’ my arms over my chest, I nodded my head.

“Let’s get with the program here. Whatcha waitin’ on?”

I watched ‘em all take off down the hall, headin’ off to their mission. I had to see this. Guess curiosity killed the cat huh? Only thing is, I was already dead, so it didn’t really matter now did it? I followed behind, like some kinda General goin’ to war. I couldn’t wait to see this go down.

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